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Journaling for Personal Growth and Achieving Goals.

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Personal Growth and Achieving Goals is the theme for this NaJoWriMo course. 

Note: if you're using this theme for a NaJoWriMo January Challenge, purchase the theme on December 31st to receive your first prompt on January 1st. Otherwise, you can start using this theme anytime you want.

Most experienced journal writers know that the power of journal writing lies in writing and reflection. First off, writing things down —be it in a journal, a planner, or a worksheet —is a form of commitment. It's an action that goes beyond passive thoughts and wishful thinking.

For journal writing purposes, this theme invites you to examine your goals, challenges, and motivations. Some prompts simply ask you to list what you've accomplished and plan to get done. 

By the end of this 30-day journal writing theme, you'll get a clearer understanding of your priorities and principles for personal growth and achieving your goals. 

The Benefits of Email Prompts

The benefit of daily writing prompts is that you get one prompt per day, and you can respond to that prompt in your paper or digital journal. Using an online journal writing software like Penzu, you can copy and paste each prompt in a new journal entry or simply email your response to the prompt to your journal writing account.

Daily prompts in your mailbox mean that your prompts are accessible from any device (phone, desktop, table, online) in which you receive your mail.

When you subscribe to this course, your first prompt will arrive in your email the next day. You will also receive downloads for other journal writing resources. 

NaJoWriMo Creator

Bakari Chavanu is the creator of the National Journal Writing Month project. He's a full-time blogger and author of Starting From Day One: Using the Day One Journaling App to Record and Enrich Your Life. (Note: this book is for Day One Classic, not Day One 2.) 


I've definitely been enjoying my first experience with NaJoWriMo! I didn't realize what a rut my journaling had fallen into until I started working with the daily prompts for this October theme. I've discovered unexpected advantages as well. I write fiction but recently entered the genre arena of creative nonfiction/essays. The NaJoWriMo prompts have helped me loosen up the scholastic ultra-formality I learned for essay writing long ago in school.

Thanks, Bakari! I'm already looking forward to the next NaJoWriMo!


Thank you, Bakari, for commenting on my first entry of the #NaJoWriMo! And yes, you are right, there was ”more creativity” within me than I first thought once I sat down with the question of the initial prompt.

I will use the prompts to spark new blog posts, but possibly spread them out more than on a daily basis!

--HERO — the coach (


Too often, my journal devolves into something more like a record of daily events rather than creative expressions or inner explorations. This will be the first time I've worked with prompts for a guided journaling experience. Looking forward to it. :)

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Journaling for Personal Growth and Achieving Goals.

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